Prosperity Partners has a 30-year track record of delivering solid & dependable returns & is highly competitive within the market place.


With a bit of luck, we will all have many years of retirement. As those years approach there is much to consider. For many, retirement is a time to reconfigure how and where we live. For everyone it is a time of change with the two overriding considerations of finances and health.

For most people retirement means a significantly reduced income. This means that assets and investments need to be carefully managed and protected. Income from investments become more important than ever. Ones appetite for risk becomes lower.

As retirement approaches (or maybe you have already retired) we can help develop a plan. We can work through your wishes, realities and options. We can map out how best to transition to, (and to have), as enjoyable and comfortable a retirement as possible. As well as finances the road map will need to consider; property, partners, family, wills, health issues … and last but by no means least … having fun and ticking off your wish list.


Prosperity Partners clients have their funds administered by the custodial service called Aegis, which was owned by the ASB Bank until late 2019 whereby MMC purchased the business. MMC have provided outsourced administration services to New Zealand based investment managers and investment product providers since 2004 and have funds under administration in excess of $62bn.

This custodial service holds your funds on your behalf and ensures all transactions are recorded and handled with integrity.

The Aegis system provides access to on-line reporting of your investments and returns. In addition, Prosperity Partners provides reporting monthly, quarterly or half-yearly. The frequency of reporting is agreed at the time of engagement.

Prosperity Partners Trust and Trish Lynds are authorised by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA).


Our aim is to outperform the banks, managed funds or other financial planners. We do so by favouring shares directly and by picking winners (of which there are a few). Just as important as picking winners is avoiding the losers (of which there are many).

Having created a portfolio of investments we recognise that nothing stays the same for very long. We actively manage the portfolio. We move to those investments that we believe are on the way up and drop those that appear to have peaked or are poised to be disappointing. We also adjust the portfolio as client circumstances change e.g. retirement and the need for income.

‘Picking winners’ and adjusting portfolios takes research, input from financial specialists and a keen ‘nose’ for the marketplace. That Prosperity Partners can respond/react quickly is a big help, as is having 29 years of experience.

Different clients have different circumstances and therefore different appetites for risk. During one’s lifetime, that appetite will change. Typically, whilst a client is earning the emphasis is on capital growth of the investments. Upon retirement, the emphasis shifts to lower-risk investments that produce an income. Each client’s needs will be reflected in the spread of risk and balance within the portfolio.


Prosperity Partners recognise that no two people’s circumstances, needs or goals are the same. When we create an Investment Plan, we craft it to meet each clients unique requirements.

The Investment Plan once agreed and implemented, becomes your Investment portfolio. That portfolio is regularly reviewed by Prosperity Partners. As your circumstances change, or when the market presents better investment opportunities, your portfolio is updated.

At Prosperity Partners we have no affiliations, incentives or interests that influence investment recommendations. Our only motivation is to make those investments that are in our client’s best interests.

To make investment recommendations we research and select from NZ and Australian shares, International Managed Funds and Fixed Interest. Investments that combine to generate income and capital growth are favoured. Active management of portfolios helps to maximise returns and to mitigate risk.

The point of all this is for Prosperity Partners to deliver the very best investment returns possible, whilst of course considering the level of risk that is prudent in each client’s situation.

We’d Love to Help You Grow Your Wealth.