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Investing for your retirement is a long term process which requires careful and deliberate planning as well as patience and a willingness to ignore the short-term ebbs and flows of the market. Like anything which takes time, your retirement investment programme needs to be developed and nurtured over many years.

The earlier you start setting aside capital, the easier it gets. We work with you to build a plan which motivates you to succeed.

What we do

Retirement Planning

Most people spend a third of their lives in retirement which we don’t really think about in our 40’s. Planning for and managing finances during your retirement requires careful planning and structured savings and investment programmes. We work with our clients to develop plans to ensure that you can enjoy a comfortable retirement within the means available to you. We will also tell it like it is…talk to us about how we can help.

Investment Planning

We make sure you are not treated like a number, we see your story not just your statistics.

Your goals and aspirations form the foundation for the investment plans we create for you. We then work together with you to develop an investment programme which balances risk and return in the overall context of those short, medium and long term goals, The result is a personalised investment programme which we implement and manage on your behalf.

Wealth Management

When you entrust us with your investments, we take that responsibility very seriously. We monitor and manage your investment portfolio continuously, regularly rebalancing and adjusting individual investments as necessary to ensure the risk-reward balance is consistent with your needs for the investment and personal attitude towards investment risk.

Managing and mitigating portfolio risk

One of our primary goals is to protect the long term value of your investments. The key here is long-term value. We don’t profess to be able to predict the daily, weekly or monthly ebbs and flows of the markets – they are far too changeable – that’s not what investing is about….we take a long term view and actively manage your portfolio accordingly – everything we do is designed to protect your investments over the long term.

Trish Lynds

Principal Financial Adviser

A sound financial plan is built on wisdom. Too often fear or greed dictates our finances. My goal and passion is to help each individual, family, or business owner develop a prudent and comprehensive plan designed to help protect their goals and assets and at the same time afford them the performance needed to look down the road.  I believe in clear, upfront and honest planning using every tool, tactic, and strategy available to help you create and achieve your vision.

Ultimately, the goal of any investment programme is to grow your wealth.

This is a role that Trish and her team take very seriously. Working with the team and taking input from a diverse range of expertise, Trish aims to ensure that the underlying investments in your portfolio combine to generate income and capital growth. Actively managing your portfolio to mitigate portfolio risk and enhance portfolio value over the long term.

What Our Clients Say

Brian E.

I am 79 years old and Trish Lynds has been my financial adviser for close to 25 years now. Over this time she has also become a dear friend. My health has begun to deteriorate, and Trish has been wonderful in helping me to adjust to a new lifestyle. Believe it or not, I sued to be a marathon runner but now struggle to get around the block. Not having to worry about my finances at this stage of my life has been a great help and as I have been a big spender in my time, Trish has managed to more than maintain my portfolio so that I can continue my extravagant lifestyle.



Liz C.

Trish helped me at a time when my world turned upside down with the sudden passing of my husband. He previously handled our finances, so I had a lot to learn. Trish gently guided me through this process with encouragement and laugher which helped rebuild my confidence. She is a wonderful sounding board for ideas such as property projects, overseas holidays and retirement planning. She is always empathetic, yet firm. Her sense of humor is off the wall at times which makes dealing with her fun.





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