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Dear Customers,

as of 1 August 2023, Prosperity Partners has become part of Sage Wealth Management.

Please contact Aga Krzeczkowska at agak@sagewealth.co.nz for any queries.


One of our primary goals is to protect the long term value of your investments, by managing and mitigating portfolio risk. The short term ebbs and flows of the markets are far too changeable, so we take actively manage your portfolio to protect your investments over the long term.


Investing for your retirement requires careful, deliberate planning and patience. Your retirement investment program needs to be developed and nurtured over many years. The earlier you start setting aside capital, the easier it gets. We’ll work with you to build a bespoke plan, continually motivating you to succeed.


Ultimately, the goal is to grow your wealth. This is a role that Trish and her team take very seriously. Taking input from a diverse range of expertise, we aim to ensure the underlying investments in your portfolio combine to generate both income and capital growth.


Our purpose is to assist our clients with their Financial Wellbeing. We help grow our client’s wealth through providing professional financial advice and services.



Prosperity Partners has a 30-year track record of delivering solid & dependable returns providing:

We'd love to help you grow your wealth

We favour investments that combine to generate income and capital growth. Our active management of client portfolios helps to maximise returns and to mitigate risk. The point of all this is for Prosperity Partners to deliver the very best investment returns possible, whilst of course considering the level of risk that is prudent in each client’s situation.


Hear from some of Prosperity partners clients about their experiences.

“I have known Trish Lynds for 20 years. Trish sorted me out after my divorce with investments and advice. Trish is quite hard-nosed at times, but funny with it. I really appreciated Trish’s care and have been delighted with my returns over the past two decades. Trish in this time has become a personal friend.”


Our Client

“We trust her. We like her. We have confidence in her ability and that of her team to manage our funds. We find her and Katie very approachable, easy to talk to and quick to solve our requests.
Trish is intelligent, attractive and always smartly dressed. We now consider Trish a special friend.”

Barry and Verna

Our Client